Our Design Process

“We Design the layout and organize the space, but you make it home.”


No need to run around town for options – we carry 10 cabinet lines and all types of countertops.


Highly skilled designers and staff.


More sample doors than any other local dealer to help you visualize.

This Is How We Work

Initial Design

In this phase we offer a no cost consultation with a designer including an initial layout and quote. Use this time to get to know your designer, learn about our company, and see how we can create a design that meets your budget and style.

Design Process

In this phase, you will work closely with a designer to finalize the details that create the style, function, flow, storage, and appearance that you are looking for. We offer many lines of cabinets and accessories, so we can help you create a look that is basic or elaborate, traditional or modern.

Follow Through

In this phase, your designer and our office team work with you to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible. From order confirmation to coordination of delivery and installation, we pride ourselves in our customer service.